Sunday, July 22, 2007

Henry had the most AMAZING adventure this weekend!


Sammye said...

Thank you for remembering to send me your blog. I enjoyed looking back over your past blogs too.
This is just too much fun being able to watch Henry grow everyday.
Keep them comming :)

Tawni said...

Hi guys! My mom told me to check out your blog. I cant believe he is already 5 months. I see so much of Jason in him. He is a doll. He is almost sitting up?! Sofia was 7 months (or 8) when she finally sat up. She's a late bloomer. I loved the video of him dancing to riverdance. That was funny.

Well, our blog is

Im a little obsessed with blogging. Its so fun. Take care and keep up the blog! I enjoy seeing your family! Hope all is well.